Video Ads

What are video ads?

Video banner ads, also called in-banner video ads, are ads that show a video within a standard banner ad size. These units are often expandable to give the video more surface area to play in, but this isn’t always the case.

As with all banner ads, it’s important to think of the user and ensure that your video ad enriches, rather than interrupts, their internet session. Google has the definitive guide on the rules and specs of video ads here, but it’s important to note that all video interactions are initiated by the viewer and as video ads can have a higher file size, video ads are not served to mobile users. If you’re looking to target mobile users as well, this means that you’ll need to have a backup creative—maybe an animated HTML5 ad!?—for those customers.

The Benefits of video ads

Video ads are a great format to include in your media plan. According to a consumer psychology study, 62% of marketers say that video advertising increases engagement and ROI by more than 40%. Videos are also very easily repurposed into assets for other components of your digital campaign. As video ads offer another—often more effective— way for your brand to leave an impression in the mind of your consumers, it also helps that video ads are easier to share and more likely to create a viral buzz. Especially when you consider that 4 billion video ads are seen on Youtube alone every day!

The Stats on Video Ads:

Whether or not you use video in your social media ads or your banner ads, advertisers are pretty unanimous that video does one thing to their digital campaigns: make them successful!

58% of consumers prefer well produced video ads.

74% of consumers share video content from brands on social media

Total video ad revenue doubled from $5.9 billion in 2015 to $11.9 billion in 2017

87% of digital display advertisers use video content and 51% of those advertisers say video gives the best ROI. They also agree that revenue grows 49% faster than campaigns that don’t use video.

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Thinking that video ads would add some va-voom to your banner campaign? We’d be happy to help!

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